Shipping Unit Sizes

“EarthKnit” wattle tube fabrics are sold in "shipping units" of 150 feet (50 yards), in a poly bag, with 20 Units per carton, a total of 1000 yards per shipment.

Each Shipping Unit is equivalent to 150 feet of filled wattle.  Thus 150 feet is defined as a measured, optimally filled tube, inclusive of end seals of the tube and regardless of end seal technique: hog ring, sewn, heat sealed, etc.  The length of fabric in an unfilled tube, defined as “machine doff state” may exceed 300 feet when unwound from the roll (later packaged in a poly bag).  An “in plant” check of yardage on a roll (later packaged in a poly bag) can be performed by simulating a filled tube.  For example a nine inch diameter tubular fabric is pulled onto a 9 inch diameter plastic pipe.  The fabric is stretched along the pipe to cover a minimum of 40 inches.  Apertures are to be completely open, without distortion and without stress in any direction.  Measure one yard (36 inches).  The Shipping Unit will contain 50 such yards (150 feet).

Nine inch (9”) diameter measuring device, marked with a measured thirty six inch (36”) distance

Nine inch (9”) diameter measuring device

Nine inch (9”) diameter measuring device

Measuring device with 9” diameter wattle fabric in place.  Additional 36 inch markers using black pvc tape over permanent marker on measuring device.

Fully open aperture in relaxed state

Machine Doff State for Measurement  (later packaged in a poly bag) Packaged in a Poly Bag for Shipping Unit

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